About Us

Who leads the Texas Consortium?

The Texas Consortium was founded by Elena Marks and Jacquie Klotz of Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy and Drs. Trudy Krause and Cecilia Ganduglia of UT Health Houston School of Public Health’s Center for Health Care Data. The founding members bring complementary knowledge and skills to the Consortium, and will work together to support learning and convening of stakeholders, data analytics, and policy recommendations.


Elena Marks

Senior Fellow in Health Policy, BIPP

Jacquie Klotz

Program Manager in Health Policy, BIPP

Dr. Trudy Krause

Co-Director of the Center for Health Care Data

Dr. Cecilia Ganduglia-Cazaban

Co-Director for the Center for Health Care Data

Affinity Groups

4 with one or two-co-chairs; each has a steering committee with 5-10 members

What is the mission of the Texas Consortium?

The mission of the Texas Consortium is to improve health outcomes and reduce health disparities through investment by the health system in non-medical drivers of health. The Texas Consortium will accomplish its goal by bringing together organizations across Texas that are working to advance this approach to health through research, policy, and practice. Together, we will identify and accelerate investment in the most promising practices in this field.

What does the Texas Consortium do?

During 2023, the Texas Consortium is supporting the following initiatives:

  1. Convene stakeholders through online forums to learn together on NMDOH topics in four affinity groups: Food, Community-Based Safety Net Providers, NMDOH Evaluation and Research, and Health Systems, commencing in June 2023.
  2. Develop a user-friendly, online searchable resource hub to document Texas programs that integrate NMDOH into the health care system. The hub’s first offering, a Program Index, will be available in July 2023.
  3. Accelerate the development of a robust evidence base by matching researchers with NMDOH programs in need of evaluation
  4. Harness the extensive data housed at the Center for Health Care Data to identify the influence of NMDOH on healthcare costs and outcomes through statistical analysis
  5. Host the first Texas NMDOH Annual Conference on December 8, 2023.