Affinity Groups

The integration of NMDOH into the health care system is a complex topic, involving multiple health system actors (providers, health plans, etc.), many non-medical drivers (food, transportation, etc.), numerous conditions (diabetes, hypertension, pregnancy etc.) and different populations (women, children, racial/ethnic groups, etc.).

To manage the complexity in the Consortium’s first year of operations, we have created four affinity groups and identified leaders for each.


Dr. Shreela Sharma

UTSPH’s Center for Health Equity

Community-Based Safety Net Providers

Jana Eubank

Texas Association for Community Health Clinics

Jolene Rasmussen

Texas Council of Community Centers


Drs. Steve Miff and Leslie Wainwright

Parkland Center for Clinical Innovation

Health Systems

Carol Paret


Harris Health Board Members

Each affinity group has a small steering committee that is responsible for developing the learning agenda for 2023.