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Across the state of Texas, health plans, hospital systems, clinics, and other health care providers are integrating NMDOH into their delivery systems.

Their programs address a variety of drivers of health, health conditions, and populations. The Texas Consortium for the Non-Medical Drivers of Health, with the support of Rice University’s Kinder Institute for Urban Research, has developed a searchable Program Index that contains descriptions of NMDOH programs sponsored by health system organizations across the state.

The Program Index debuted in August 2023 with a small number of NMDOH program abstracts submitted by beta-testing program sponsors. We look forward to growing the number of program abstracts with your assistance. To submit your abstract, contact Jacquie Klotz at For more information, see the FAQs below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The NMDOH Program Index searchable list of NMDOH programs in Texas that are sponsored by health system entities (including health or hospital systems, health plans, medical/nursing educational institutions, clinics, and ambulatory practices). Programs are described in a standardized abstract with fields including program sponsor, driver(s) of health addressed, target population(s), health condition(s) addressed, location, program description, and evaluation status.

At present, no single repository of information about the work taking place in Texas exists. To advance the field of NMDOH, we must understand what kinds of programs are working, for what populations, under what circumstances, and with what costs and benefits.

The NMDOH Program Index is a tool for stakeholders to learn about the programs underway in Texas that already integrate NMDOH into health care delivery. This tool to supports the establishment of NMDOH as a field of practice through knowledge sharing and supporting stakeholders in connecting with others who share their interests.

We invite health system entities to collaborate with us in creating complete, accurate abstracts of the programs you are sponsoring in Texas. Texas Consortium managers will review submitted abstracts and may edit them for clarity or consistency prior to inclusion in the index. Managers will provide guidance as you begin drafting your abstracts.

Please view the abstract submission instructions here for additional information.

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